Dweller of the Dark Presents “Wings of the Seraph” by Jeffrey LeBlanc

Tonight, we’ll be reading the short story that created a mythos. “The Wings of the Seraph” was written in 2015 and first placed in the anthology “Wolves, Wings, & Other Things” published by Cloven Hoof Publishers. What was to be a simple story became a complex novel. The novel is listed on Amazon and on our webpage published as an e-book by Cloven Hoof Publishers in 2016.

The short story and novel introduce the dark Avalon mythos first detailed in the novels “Shadow…Ghosts of the Moonlight”, and “The Devil of Black Bayou”. This is the first book of three separate trilogies.

In the original short story, “The Wings of the Seraph”, three native American youth travel to a haunted swamp on a hunt for food. They encounter a strange tribe in the fog. Who are the shadows in that fog? Will they be friend or foe in the forbidden lands?

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