Dweller of the Dark Presents “The Devil of Black Bayou”

There are writers that write horror stories. Then there are those who write to horrify, to un-nerve and to terrify you. On occasion we might, if the moon is full, tickle the funny bone and give a skull a grin. But we always want to leave a lasting spine-tingling chill and foreboding, of all things in the dark. We are moving in that direction armed with the skulls and bones of the greats such as M.R. James, William Blake, H.P. Lovecraft, Robert Bloch, Clark Ashton Smith, August Derleth, and Anne Rice to name a few. The fog filled swamp, the lonely church, the mysterious room, and the quiet crypt are our playground for all manner of the supernatural. But do not be fooled that we threw together tired anthropocentric prose or worn cliché’s. It’s sure folly to think we went for the easy jump scare. No, our stories are winding, spidery staircases of the terrifying. They are clawed speculative, horror labyrinths of Machen, Poe, and Lovecraftian design with a menace that stays with you long after you’ve finished reading our works.

In 2010, seasick in sixty foot seas, during a rough sail on a seismic ship across the frigid North Sea headed into the Atlantic, Jeffrey LeBlanc wrote the short story “The Devil of Black Bayou”. The story was to entertain the crew in forty- foot swells to take their minds off of a rough trip. The very early draft was placed on Harper Collins’s Authonomy and he watched it take off to the top 10 in the horror listings and top 15 out of over ten thousand writers.

This version is the brief comedic horror short story that has evolved to become a novel for Cloven Hoof. This is the first novel of Jeffrey LeBlanc and for the Avalon Mythos. Some excerpts of the story were included in the 2015 collection “Wolves, Wings, & Other Things” published by Cloven Hoof.

We’ve made many fans across the world with this novel. We truly encourage you to check out the origin story and vast novel “The Devil of Black Bayou”. Our novel tells the life, death, and…un-death of a pirate from the era of Jean Jafitte. In that one a man, Antoine Valterre, accepts a cursed deal to save and see the love of his life for eternity. But deals with the Devil, as you know, never go the way you planned.

So tonight, imagine being on cold, wind-swept sixty-foot seas. The seismic ship you are on creaks and twists as broken bones while rhythmically swaying and nodding in tumultuous seas. You find out alarmingly from the first mate that the captain has decided to sail the exact route across the Atlantic Ocean as Titanic.  However, you make your trip back to the United States.

Shadowed in a large crew room of the vessel are semi-lit by marine lamps and boisterous sailors. We begin the tale of a cursed monster trying to get some immortal rest. The room of sailors went quiet and there was the occasional laugh.

Again, our short tale will be a little lighter for the immortal pirate. He’s trying to recover after his demoniacal island has been destroyed. Unfortunately, he is being bothered by a young man while trying to rest…in his tomb.

Who is The Devil of Black Bayou? Why is the trespassing man disturbing the cursed monster slumbering in his crypt? Will anyone survive a confrontation with The Devil of Black Bayou?

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