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  • The Dweller of the Dark is out of their tomb!!!

    November 11, 2019 by

    Curious hands desecrated the graves of the undead;
    (Antoine Valterre became the Devil’s king.)
    Till they found a silver coffin to their dread.
    Fascination became terror when they opened the lid,
    Eyes fluorescent and fangs sanguine that box had hid.
    (A vampire’s thirst is a deadly thing.)–JL

  • Francis Marion Crawford’s “For the Blood is the Life” (Narrated by Jeffrey LeBlanc)

    December 5, 2021 by

    “It was the eyes that grew dim. Little by little he came to know that some day the dream would not end when he turned away to go home, but would lead him down the gorge out of which the vision rose. She was nearer now when she beckoned to him. Her cheeks were not livid like those of the dead, but pale with starvation, with the furious and unappeased physical hunger of her eyes that devoured him. They feasted on his soul and cast a spell over him, and at last they were close to his own and held him. He could not tell whether her breath was as hot as fire or as cold as ice; he could not tell whether her red lips burned his or froze them, or whether her five fingers on his wrists seared scorching scars or bit his flesh like frost; he could not tell whether he was awake or asleep, whether she was alive or dead, but he knew that she loved him, she alone of all creatures, earthly or unearthly, and her spell had power over him.”–Francis Marion Crawford (For the Blood is the Life)

  • John W. Campbell’s “Frozen Hell”: The Greatest Science Fiction Horror! (Narrated By Jeffrey LeBlanc)

    November 22, 2021 by

    “The corridor to Comsos House twisted, as did nearly all corridors in Big Magnet, and Powell stood at the entrance again. But they heard, rather muffled, McReady’s sudden shout. There was a savage flurry of blows, dull ch-thunk—shluff sounds. “Bar—Bar—for God’s sake—”And a curious, savage mewing scream, silenced before even Powell had reached the bend.”–John W. Campbell (Frozen Hell)

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