Dweller of the Dark Presents “Tangled is the Web”

“Tangled is the Web” was a short story first written by Jeffrey LeBlanc in July 2015. A main character, Max Faucheaux, went on to further adventures in the novella “War with Werewolves”. The novella was submitted in 2017 to Lycan Valley Publishers for final review by the Canadian publisher. “War with Werewolves” later was published as a short excerpt in “Wolves, Wings, & Other Things” in February 2016 by Cloven Hoof. In November 2016 the novella became the full novel “Shadows…Ghost of the Moonlight”.

            “Tangled is the Web” was heavily influenced by several unique authors. The monstrous Arachne from Ovid’s “Metamorpheses”, “The Black Spider” by Jeremias Gotthelf, the ghastly creatures featured from M.R. James’s “The Ash Tree”, and the hidden beasts from Lovecraft’s “From Beyond” inspired this macabre story.

“Tangled is the Web” focuses on private investigator Max Faucheaux and his strange case involving the Fakier family. Max journeys into the mysterious Atchafalaya to investigate a witch’s curse, strange deaths and disappearances at the abandoned Fakier Plantation. A legendary, ancient darkness seems to be at the heart of the mystery.

            What is the mystery of Fakier Plantation? Can Max discover the secret and stop the fathomless evil before it’s too late?

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