Dweller of the Dark Presents “The Masque of Death is Not Red”

“The Masque of Death is Not Red” is a brief story by Jeffrey LeBlanc. This is his first science fiction horror story written in 2019. The story has received great reviews and is pending for approval with some legendary literary journals. The brief, original short story will be published in the future anthology “Fire, Lightning, & Scurrying Things” set to be released in August 2019 by Cloven Hoof.

The short story focuses on Isaac Abramovitch, a brilliant dying scientist, who has developed a cure for AIDS using the power of subatomic particles. He tests the treatment on himself to tragic, world shattering consequences.

Will Isaac’s treatment be a cure or a hellish curse? Can Isaac learn to control his abilities and stop the dimensionless demons from beyond? Or is Isaac destined to be the destroyer of worlds?

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