“Cool Air” By H. P. Lovecraft (Narrated By Jeffrey LeBlanc)

“You asked me to explain why I am afraid of a draught of cool air; why I shiver more than others upon entering a cold room, and seem nauseated and repelled when the chill of evening creeps through the heat of a mild autumn day. There are those who say I respond to cold as others do to a bad odour, and I am the last to deny the impression. What I will do is to relate the most horrible circumstance I ever encountered, and leave it to you to judge whether or not this forms a suitable explanation of my peculiarity.”–H. P. Lovecraft

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Children of Horror,

We dedicate tonight’s tale, “Cool Air”, to the Macabre Master of Immortality–Jay Pappas, the Creeper of the Crypt–Cole Marie, and the Lurking Terror — “Just An Average Ultramarine”! Thank you for the great comments.

I am sometimes haunted by the ghostly chill of a cool wind. A contrived terror, most assuredly, brought by the long dead. Yes, for the aged purveyor of the medical and occult arts, the dead sometimes return. Maybe in a memory. Maybe in a nightmare. Possibly, a premonition draws them to crawl back from their tomb to leave their icy presence among us…in the pitch of blackest night. 

Powerful cooling procedures, through science and maybe even sorcery, exist now to reverse Death’s spiral. These same techniques have stabilized many in their return of spontaneous circulation after cardiac arrest. The revolutionary technology of Targeted Temperature Management—the bringing of a patient to near hypothermic core temperatures, has saved so many. But how many more of the dead could have lived had these chilling techniques been implemented earlier.

And most curious to me now, how did that horror genius, Howard Phillips Lovecraft, create similar techniques for “Cool Air” back in 1926?

Tonight, we present a tale to chill you to the bone–“Cool Air”. This short story was written by H. P. Lovecraft in March 1926 and published in the March 1928 issue of “Tales of Magic and Mystery”. Our Lovecraft tale had a memorable adaption in Rod Serling’s “Night Gallery”, for EC Comics’ “Vault of Horror” #17 “Baby…It’s Cold Inside!”, the movie segment “The Cold” directed by Shusuke Kaneko from a screenplay by the great Brent V, Friedman in 1994’s “Necronomicon: Book of the Dead”, and many more.

Our tale focuses on an unknown narrator and his encounter with the reclusive medical genius, Dr Munoz. Dr Munoz has developed a revolutionary cold technology.

Can our narrator discover the life changing secret of Dr Munoz? Or will he be left out to chill…in the cold? –JL

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