“The Statement of Randolph Carter” By H. P. Lovecraft (Narrated By Jeffrey LeBlanc)


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Children of Horror,

Beautiful. Tranquil. Deadly. The swamp is all of these and so much more. Raised in the Atchafalaya Backwater Basin, I learned to love the swaying of giant flowers, listen to the serenity of singing birds, and stand in awe of ancient, whispering cypress. I also learned to fear the deadly cottonmouth or alligator lurking within those same black waters. I raged against clouds of mosquitos. And, walked in caution for dangerous bobcat, coyote, or mountain lion which may, or may not have been, behind the next tree.

Have I ever encountered a lunatic like tonight’s Randolph Carter in a swamp? The answer is yes. Was he family, friend, or foe? Again, the answer is yes. And, I’ll add tracking and wrestling a lunatic…father with a gun in a swamp, was certainly a lasting, terror filled moment.

But that’s a story possibly for another time.

A tentacled dark god rises for the apocalypse from the sea. A doctor uses alchemy and sorcery to reanimate the dead. And a lunatic is found crawling out of a swamp as we again howl at a leprous moon with Howard Phillips Lovecraft.

Tonight, we present H.P. Lovecraft’s tragic “The Statement of Randolph Carter”. This short story was written in December of 1919 and published in May 1920 for “The Vagrant”. Our tale focuses on occult student Randolph Carter and the expedition with his friend Harley Warren into a swampland. They are looking for a graveyard with a powerful secret.

Can Randolph Carter explain what happened to Harley Warren in Big Cypress Swamp? Or will the investigators be left holding the line? –JL

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