Robert Bloch’s Egyptian Tales–Episode 5: “Fane of the Black Pharaoh”

The creeping introduction of “Fane of the Black Pharaoh” as stated by Weird Tales says:

“Those eyes shone through the shadows; unwinking, unchanging, omniscient in this little world of the dead.”

But…Robert Bloch’s introduction brought more blood and fang:

“Terrible was the fame of Nephren-Ka, and more terrible still was the destiny that Captain Cartaret read on the walls of the red-litten underground corridors.”

Welcome…to…Dweller…of the Dark!

We are a channel honoring the yellowed and blackened bones of many prominent authors. We will be digging up several obscure, strange, and forgotten authors who influenced many of the great horror, science fiction, and fantasy writer’s today.

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Children of Horror,

A terrified son tries to save his hypnotized father from the god Anubis. In New Orleans, a disillusioned writer attends the Mardi Gras and dinner with the Egyptian god Sebek. And an archaeologist takes a pyramid tour with the evil god–Nephren-Ka, as we continue to decipher and dig our way through a series of Egyptian tales from Robert Bloch. The Egyptian gods hope you won’t climb the walls with our latest Weird Tales.

Our fifth episode is “Fane of the Black Pharaoh”. Our horrific story was published in the December 1937 issue of Weird Tales by our resurrected mummy–Robert Bloch. Our dark master commands you to dig deeper through his Egyptian series.

Our story concerns Captain Cartaret and his exploration to an unknown hieroglyphic wall beneath the pyramids of Egypt. The hieroglyphics are in the forbidden catacombs of Nephren-Ka. Captain Cartaret’s guide may…or may not be all he claims to be.

What is the prophetic secret of the Black Pharaoh? Can our Captain Cartaret decipher the wall in time to fulfill his destiny?–JL

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