“The Outsider” By H.P. Lovecraft (Narrated By Jeffrey LeBlanc)

“I know always that I am an outsider; a stranger in this century and among those who are still men.”--H.P. Lovecraft

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Children of Horror,

A tentacled dark god calls his cult for an apocalyptic awakening. A scientist using alchemy and sorcery attempts to reanimate the dead. And, a man gets more than frost bite with his cooling machine, as we unleash the Hound to bring forth the bones of the master of horror—Howard Phillips Lovecraft.

H. P. Lovecraft was a horror and weird fiction master who achieved posthumous fame through his influential works of horror, science fiction, fantasy, and poetry. Many of Lovecraft’s greatest works were first published only in pulp magazines. And strangely, he was virtually unknown as a writer during his lifetime and died in obscure poverty.

Among his most celebrated tales are “The Rats in the Walls”, “The Color Out of Space”, “The Call of Cthulhu”, “At the Mountains of Madness”, “The Shadow over Innsmouth”, and “The Shadow Out of Time”. These were just some of the stories making up the canon of Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos.

Tonight, we present his most endearing tale— “The Outsider”. This tale is cherished by horror fans the world over. This story was one of the most popular works ever published in Weird Tales by any horror writer.

“The Outsider” is a short story by H. P. Lovecraft written between March and August of 1921. It was first published for Weird Tales in 1926.

The story combines the best elements of horror, fantasy, and gothic fiction to create a nightmarish story. Central to the story are its themes of loneliness, the abnormal human, and the afterlife.

The inspiration for the story, according to Lovecraft, came from Edgar Allan Poe. But it was also influenced by Nathaniel Hawthorne, Mary Shelley, John Keats, Oscar Wilde, and others. He said that, of all his tales, this story most closely resembles the style of his idol Edgar Allan Poe. In a letter H.P. Lovecraft wrote the story “represents my literal though unconscious imitation of Poe at its very height.” It’s clear that the opening paragraphs echo Poe’s “Berenice”. The horror at the party recalls the unmasking scene in “The Masque of the Red Death”.

Is the “The Outsider” an autobiographical account of H.P. Lovecraft? Studying the life of Lovecraft, it’s obviously evident he drew from incidents of isolation, loneliness, and rejection shadowing his life. But, in “The Outsider”, Lovecraft’s acceptance of his hideousness, the proclamation that he accepts his place in the world of darkness, roars through in the powerful, heartfelt quote:

 “I know always that I am an outsider; a stranger in this century and among those who are still men.”

 “The Outsider” is the story of a mysterious narrator who has been living alone in a castle for as long as he can remember. The isolated individual decides one night to break free in search of companionship and adventure.

What is the story of this lonely outsider? Can he shine a light on his terrifying secret to his new friends?–JL

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