Wolves, Wings, and Other Things by Jeffrey LeBlanc (Trailer on YouTube!)

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We want to introduce Horror Writer Association honored guest blog writer and the HWA’s Halloween Haunts 2018 blog winner Jeffrey LeBlanc.

Jeffrey LeBlanc grew up in the mysterious swamps of Louisiana listening to all manner of strange and weird tales. Later, during his international assignments from darkest Africa to desolate Timor Leste, he collected many more stories. Jeffrey LeBlanc has a passion for character-driven writing in all manner of stories. But his obsessions are science fiction, fantasy, speculative and cosmic horror.

He has been influenced heavily by M.R. James, Ray Bradbury, Clark Ashton Smith, Howard Phillips Lovecraft, Thomas Moore, John W. Campbell, and Phillip K. Dick. Horror writers who have offered advice and encouragement to Jeffrey LeBlanc have been Anne Rice (Vampire’s Ball/Doll House Party) and Stephen King (Academy of the Sacred Heart). Stephen emphatically encouraged Jeff to become a novelist.

Jeffrey LeBlanc wrote his first novel in 2011, “The Devil of Black Bayou”, inspired by his trans-Atlantic trip by boat from the North Sea back to the United States.

He has to date written three novels, two anthologies, and hundreds of short stories. Anthologies and more novels are on the way.


Horror Writer Association’s Halloween Haunts 2018 (Honored Guest)

HWA’s Blog Winner

BBC-4 Accolades from creator Peter Adam Salomon National Dark Poetry Day—POEM (Wings of the Seraph)

In 2009 reached number 11 on Authonomy Horror Listing out of 10,000 authors (“The Devil of Black Bayou”)

(‘Karen’ Editor-in-Chief for “Left Hand Publishers”) notable quote “We found it ANTHOLOGY-Wolves, Wings, & Other Things enjoyable and the artwork creative…”

“War with Werewolves” NOVELLA made it to the final round with Lycan Valley Publishers

Current Projects:  

Short Stories

Dark Regions Contest (Sad Man) Honorable Mention!

Submitted–Three Eye Burning Lobe (Tangled is the Web)

Submitted–Parsec (In Waning Light)

Submitted–The Dark (In the Spider’s Web)

Submitted–Mythic Beasts (A Warning of Gorgons)

****Creative Capital (Tangled is the Web)


The Devil of Black Bayou (300,000 Words)-Cloven Hoof Publishers

Shadows, Ghosts of the Moonlight (200,000 Words)-Cloven Hoof Publishers

Wings of the Seraph (200,000 Words)-Cloven Hoof Publishers


“Wolves, Wings, & Other Things” was written in 2015. It was first published as an e-book by Cloven Hoof Publishers in 2016. The collection introduces the dark Avalon mythos detailed in the novels “The Wings of the Seraph”, “Shadow…Ghosts of the Moonlight”, and “The Devil of Black Bayou”. These are the first of three separate trilogies.

A few of the stories listed in “Wolves, Wings, & Other Things” are:

Wings of the Seraph

A rancher and his adopted cowboys will battle and have their world crushed by ancient winged talons. Who will live? Who will die? And what betrayal will change the rancher forever?  

The Devil of Black Bayou

Love and loss for a cursed immortal. Try not to judge the pirate to harshly…or the vampire.

The Gorgon

A dying man runs for his life in a star-lit swamp from his wife. What could cause the man such terror to flee? Will he survive this night?

Mary Wept

A murderous woman rots under an old house. Is she a lunatic or possibly controlled by something else?

The Lightning Bug

A heroin addict is drawn toward an electrifying sermon with an odd congregation. What is the secret of the sermon?

Anniversary at Lake Pelto

A boat captain’s daughter honors her father’s sacrifice to an alien.

Shadow Ghosts of the Moonlight

A mercenary and his father prepare for war with something growling in the fog.

Horrifying is it to know that the human monster sometimes peers at us through our own mirror. What will these people discover about themselves facing dreaded doom? Who will survive or succumb to these malevolent forces of evil? And whose heart, or soul will be crushed to these horrific haunters of the dark?

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