A Curious Warning of Gorgons by Jeffrey LeBlanc (Narrated by Author) now on YouTube!

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We are a channel honoring the yellowed and blackened bones of many prominent authors. We will be digging up several obscure, strange, and forgotten authors who influenced many of the great horror, science fiction, and fantasy writer’s today.

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There are writers that write horror stories. Then there are those who write to horrify, to un-nerve and to terrify you. We want to leave a lasting foreboding, of all things in the dark.

We are moving in that direction armed with the skulls and bones of the greats such as M.R. James, William Blake, H.P. Lovecraft, Robert Bloch, Clark Ashton Smith, August Derleth, and Anne Rice to name a few.

The fog filled swamp, the lonely church, the mysterious room, and the quiet crypt are our playground for all manner of the supernatural. But do not be fooled that we threw together tired anthropocentric prose, or worn cliché’s. It’s sure folly to think we went for the easy jump scare. No, our stories are winding, spidery staircases of the terrifying. They are clawed speculative, horror labyrinths of Machen, Poe, and Lovecraftian design with a menace that stays with you long after you’ve finished reading our works.

“A Curious Warning of Gorgons” was a short story first written by Jeffrey LeBlanc in September 2015. The story was updated and re-titled “The Gorgon” and published in the anthology “Wolves, Wings, & Other Things” in February  2016 by Cloven Hoof. It has went on to become a full novel in final draft.

“A Curious Warning of Gorgons” was heavily influenced by several unique authors. The monstrous gorgon from Homer’s “The Odyssey”, the ghastly isolation from M.R. James’s “A Warning for the Curious”, and the lurking fear from Lovecraft’s “The Hound” inspired this macabre story.

“A Curious Warning of Gorgons” focuses on a dying narrator running for his life in a dark swamp. He reflects on the tragic events that are bringing about his demise while trying to escape some monstrous being who stalks him through a labyrinth of cypress and moss.

 What ancient, dimensionless horror hunts the narrator through this nightmarish maze? Will the narrator escape the slithering beast?

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