SATAN HORROR: ‘Satan Unrepentant’ by Clark Ashton Smith

Lost from those archangelic thrones that star,

Fadeless and fixed, heaven’s light of azure bliss;

Forbanned of all His splendor and depressed

Beyond the birth of the first sun, and lower

Than the last star’s decline, I still endure,

Abased, majestic, fallen, beautiful,

And unregretful in the doubted dark,

Throneless, that greatens chaos-ward, albeit

From chanting stars that throng the nave of night

Lost echoes wander here, and of His praise

With ringing moons for cymbals dinned afar,

And shouted from the flaming mouths of suns.

Clark Ashton Smith (Satan Unrepentant)

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We dedicate our fiery tale Clark Ashton Smith’s  ‘Satan Unrepentant’ to the Creeper of the Crypt–Arwcwb, the Towering Colossus from Hell–Tim Clissold, the Stalking Beast–Steve Acton, and that Scorcher of the Fiery Verse, Thomas Swafford.

And…boils and ghouls, we’ll be releasing one of Thomas’s latest creeper’s next week and many more.


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  1. I, who with will not less
    Than His, but lesser strength, opposed to Him
    This unsubmissive brow and lifted mind,
    He holds remote in nullity and night
    Doubtful between old Chaos and the deeps
    Betrayed by Time to vassalage. Methinks
    All tyrants fear whom they may not destroy,
    And I, that am of essence one with His,
    Though less in measure, He may not destroy,
    And but withstands in gulfs of dark suspense,
    A secret dread for ever: for God knows
    This quiet will irrevocably set
    Against His own, and this my prime revolt
    Yet stubborn, and confirmed eternally.
    And with the hatred born of fear, and fed
    Ever thereby, God hates me, and His gaze
    Sees the bright menace of mine eyes afar
    Through midnight, and the innumerable blaze
    Of servile suns: lo, strong in tyranny,
    The despot trembles that I stand opposed!
    For fain am I to hush the anguished cries
    Of Substance, broken on the racks of change,
    Of Matter tortured into life; and God,
    Knowing this, dreads evermore some huge mishap—
    That in the vigils of Omnipotence,
    Once careless, I shall enter heaven, or He,
    Himself, with weight of some unwonted act,
    Thoughtless perturb His balanced tyranny,
    To mine advance of watchful aspiration.–Clark Ashton Smith (Satan Unrepentant)

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