Greatest Horror Master Dedication: Peter Straub GHOST MOUNTAIN

“I dwell with a desire—a longing in my aching heart, you know
Centered on that vanished home the snow covered centuries ago
The trail is forgotten and lost in blueberry thickets
That hasn’t a leaf now to feed our friends the singing crickets
The moon rises; the tittering bats tumble and dart through the moonlit trees
—Jeffrey LeBlanc (Ghost Mountain)

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Children of Horror/ Legion of Ghouls,
We dedicate ‘Ghost Mountain’ to one of the greatest horror masters to ever live—Peter Straub. Cherished mentor and friend, long may you continue to haunt our nightmares.
Tell us which Peter Straub work broke your heart or horrified you. I’d have to say, “The Talisman” and “Ghost Story” conjured both.
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