Best Halloween Horror–Episode 10: Jeffrey LeBlanc’s “Hell’s Forge-Chapter 1”

” However, now for Roger Hetfield, other worlds than these, other dimensions, other Hells had been opened.—Jeffrey LeBlanc (Hell’s Forge)

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We are a channel honoring the yellowed and blackened bones of many prominent authors. We will be digging up several obscure, strange, and forgotten authors who influenced many of the great horror, science fiction, and fantasy writers today.
More tales of the horrifying, obscure, strange, and forgotten are climbing out of the tombs.
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Children of Horror/ Legion of Ghouls,
We continue our celebration of Halloween! Each night we will be presenting tales of the best Halloween horrors ever conjured to terrify, haunt, and delight! And remember, devilishly devoted to horror…and Halloween, may your souls always be!

Episode 10 is “Hell’s Forge: Chapter 1”. Dedicated to that fanged howler—Thomas Swafford, the blood thirsty leviathan–Sharkie Sharkums, the abomination with a horrific bowel disorder–Karl Meyer, the ghoulish harbinger of destruction–Hadi & his girl, the shapeshifting beast from beyond the stars Mick Rodgers, the terrifying colossus– Tim Clissold, that fiery fiend—Arwcwb, the monstrous maniac with a machete—Max Scherzer, and the lurking demon in our view—J.C. Huckaby.
And especially to all you Children of Horror and Legion of Ghouls who’ve helped build this horrific pile of bones, this one is for you as well. We climbed out of a sulphureous, fiery pit– blistering our hands along the way, to let this one catch…eternal fire.

Now save your breath…for the nightmarish screams!

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  1. “It was the indignant grins of the liches that made him aware. Jovial secret jests as the cretins observed the pitter of dripping water from the funeral home’s roof onto his dead wife’s waxen face. In that callous moment with this crowd of sycophants, Roger almost turned maniacal. Grumbling in a rage, he saw the owner—Trampus Hock, run to wipe the water from her cheek.” –Jeffrey LeBlanc (Hell’s Forge)

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