Hobbit Werewolf Tale: Robert E. Howard’s “The Lost Race”

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“You, Briton,” the voice became a shriek and a long arm was outstretched in accusation, “you and your race! You have made a free, prosperous nation into a race of earth-rats! We who never fled, who dwelt in the air and the sunlight close by the sea where traders came, we must flee like hunted beasts and burrow like moles! But at night! Ah, then for our vengeance! Then we slip from our hiding places, ravines and caves, with torch and dagger! Look, Briton!”–Robert E. Howard (The Lost Race)

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Children of Horror,
Tonight, we draw Conan’s sword and crush the skull of Robert E. Howard with his epic hobbit werewolf tale—”The Lost Race”.
This one is dedicated to that Pictish Devil–Jesse Ard, that ghoulish creeper–ARWCWB, that sorcerer of the little people—Stephen Sinclair, that hound from Hell—Thomas Swafford, and the father of Nocturnus the Necromancer Dragon—Call-Sign Pegasus.

To you, and our growing Legion of Ghouls…devilishly devoted to horror may your souls always be!


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  1. Then his voice rose until it filled the cavern. “But the curse was nothing. Words can do no harm, can do nothing, to a man. I live. A hundred generations have I seen come and go, and yet another hundred. What is time? The sun rises and sets, and another day has passed into oblivion. Men watch the sun and set their lives by it. They league themselves on every hand with time. They count the minutes that race them into eternity. Man outlived the centuries ere he began to reckon time. Time is man-made. Eternity is the work of the gods. In this cavern there is no such thing as time. There are no stars, no sun. Without is time; within is eternity. We count not time. Nothing marks the speeding of the hours. The youths go forth. They see the sun, the stars. They reckon time. And they pass. –Robert E. Howard (The Lost Race)

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