Science Fiction Werewolf Horror: Clark Ashton’s Smith’s “Monsters in the Night”

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Children of Horror,

Tonight, with a little black magic, we conjured up that dark sorcerer Clark Ashton Smith. We dedicate his “Monsters in the Night” to that hideous monstrosity-Debac of Zomb, to the ghoulish creeper–ARWCWB, to that master of the little folk in the West Scottish Highlands–Stephen Sinclair, to the lurker in the crypt–Stephen Hoy, and the master of Nocturnus–Call-Sign Pegasus.


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  1. “Whimpering a little, with the hunger of a starved hound, he waited. He was a monster that nature had made, ready to obey nature’s first commandment: Thou shalt kill and eat. He was a thing of terror… a fable whispered around prehistoric cavern-fires… a miscegenation allied by later myth to the powers of hell and sorcery. But in no sense was he akin to those monsters beyond nature, the spawn of a new and blacker magic, who killed without hunger and without malevolence.”–Clark Ashton Smith (Monsters in the Night)

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