Robert E. Howard’s Howling Horror: “Up, John Kane!” (Narrated By Jeffrey LeBlanc)

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Children of Horror,
Tonight, we present Robert E Howard’s howling poetic horror—Up, John Kane!

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  1. “And a Shape in the shadows wags its grisly head forever?

    You swore by the blood-crust that stained your dagger,

    By the haunted woods where hoofed feet swagger,

    And under grisly burdens misshapen creatures stagger.

    Up, John Kane, and cease your quaking!

    You have made the pact which has no breaking,

    And your brothers are eager their thirst to be slaking.

    Up, John Kane! Why cringe there, and cower?

    The pact was sealed with the dark blood-flower;

    Glut now your fill in the werewolf ’s hour!” Robert E. Howard (Up, John Kane!)

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