Powerful Pan Vampire Tale: Clark Ashton Smith’s “The End of the Story” (Narrator Jeffrey LeBlanc)


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Farewell for awhile, Christophe. But have no fear. You shall find me again if you are brave and patient.-Clark Ashton Smith (The End of the Story)

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Children of Horror,

We dedicate tonight’s tale, Clark Ashton Smith’s “The End of the Story” to the “Brother in the Flame”—Roland Wieffering, the “Creeper of the Crypt”—Arwcwb, and that “Fiery Beast”—Call-Sign Pegasus.

Devilishly devoted to horror, may your soul always be!–JL

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  1. “Yes, my son, the beautiful Nycea who lay in your arms this night is a lamia, an ancient vampire, who maintains in these noisome vaults her palace of beatific illusions. How she came to take up her abode at Faussesflammes is not known, for her coming antedates the memory of men. She is old as paganism; the Greeks knew her; she was exorcised by Apollonius of Tyana; and if you could behold her as she really is, you would see, in lieu of her voluptuous body, the folds of a foul and monstrous serpent. All those whom she loves and admits to her hospitality, she devours in the end, after she has drained them of life and vigor with the diabolic delight of her kisses. The laurel-wooded plain you saw, the ilex-bordered river, the marble palace and all the luxury therein, were no more than a satanic delusion, a lovely bubble that rose from the dust and mold of immemorial death, of ancient corruption. They crumbled at the kiss of the holy water I brought with me when I followed you. But Nycea, alas! has escaped, and I fear she will still survive, to build again her palace of demoniacal enchantments, to commit again and again the unspeakable abomination of her sins.”–Clark Ashton Smith (The End of the Story)

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