The Best Werewolf Stories-Episode 3: Seabury Quinn’s “The Phantom Farm House”

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Here’s a story of creeping horror that rises, gradually, to a powerful
climax. It’s a story not easily

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Children of Horror,

We dedicate tonight’s episode, Seabury Quinn’s “The Phantom Farm House”, to the Master of Horror…Brother of the Flame–—Roland Wieffering. Long may you roar through the Mountains of Oblivion!

The moon is full as you walk peacefully into a forest alone. You have been a patient seeking treatment in a sanitarium, and the quiet strolls have helped you learn to walk again. The tomb-quiet woods are Heaven compared to the Hell of a hospital. You disregard weird rumors, strange whispers, and warnings of deadly creatures prowling the countryside. Suddenly, terrifying beasts growl and circle you! Running from something, you find safety with a charming family in a farm house. Or did you?

Tonight, we continue our series of the best werewolf stories ever written. Terrifying, horrific, and haunting, the coven of horror masters that wrote these lurid tales will release their inner beast. Our third hellhound to haunt your dreams is Seabury Quinn’s “The Phantom Farm House”. This beast of a tale is sure to claw its way into your nightmares. This particular howler terrified the creator of “The Twilight Zone” and “The Night Gallery” …Rod Serling.

Enjoy! -JL

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