“It Walks By Night” By Henry Kuttner (Narrated By Jeffrey LeBlanc)


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We dedicate tonight’s tale by Henry Kuttner, “It Walks By Night”,  to horror super fan Roland Wieffering! Thank you for reaching out and the Cthulu volume. We’ll be bringing several more terrifying Henry Kuttner stories soon.

Children of Horror,

Graveyard rats squeal in ecstasy as a man is buried alive. A homeowner discovers a bewitching secret underneath his home. And, a vampire sacrifices to save his beloved, as we resurrect the rat gnawed corpse of Henry Kuttner.

Henry Kuttner was a master of horror, science fiction, and fantasy. His works have influenced and inspired so many great writers. These include C.L. Moore, Richard Matheson, Peter Straub, Ray Bradbury, and many more.

Tonight, we bring you the terrifying, “It Walks By Night”. First published in the Dec 1936 issue of Weird Tales, this ghoulish delight should keep you looking over your shoulder…for days. Our story focuses on Johann, an 18th century European villager, who has survived the plague. He’s wandering a cemetery hunting down the ghoul who has stolen his beloved Elsa…or rather her corpse.

Will our Johann find his Elsa in the haunted graveyard of the ghoul? Or will he fall prey and become another victim of this eater of the dead? –JL

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