“From Beyond” By H. P. Lovecraft (Narrated By Jeffrey LeBlanc)

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Children of Horror,

A tentacled dark god rises for the apocalypse from the sea. A doctor uses alchemy and sorcery to reanimate the dead. And, a scientist creates a resonator opening other dimensions of terror as we rip into the crypt of Howard Phillips Lovecraft.

H. P. Lovecraft was a master of horror and weird fiction. He achieved posthumous fame through his influential works of horror, science fiction, fantasy, and poetry. Many of Lovecraft’s greatest works were first published only in pulp magazines. And strangely, he was virtually unknown as a writer during his lifetime and died in obscure poverty.

Tonight, we present H.P. Lovecraft’s terrifying “From Beyond”. This short story was written in 1920 and published in June 1934 for “The Fantasy Fan”. This ghastly tale has inspired many great horror novels such as Stephen King’s “Revival” and King’s short story and movie “The Mist”. Others include the 2013 movie “Banshee Chapter”, a “Star Trek: The Next Generation” episode titled “Phantasms”, and many more.

And, we greatly recommend the 1986 movie cult classic “From Beyond” by Stuart Gordon. Though it is loosely based on Lovecraft’s work.

What inter-dimensional secret does Crawford Tillinghast’s resonator hold? Can our narrator get his mind into the madness and massacre the monsters from beyond…before it’s too late? –JL

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  1. “What do we know,” he had said, “of the world and the universe about us? Our means of receiving impressions are absurdly few, and our notions of surrounding objects infinitely narrow. We see things only as we are constructed to see them, and can gain no idea of their absolute nature. With five feeble senses we pretend to comprehend the boundlessly complex cosmos, yet other beings with a wider, stronger, or different range of senses might not only see very differently the things we see, but might see and study whole worlds of matter, energy, and life which lie close at hand yet can never be detected with the senses we have. I have always believed that such strange, inaccessible worlds exist at our very elbows, and now I believe I have found a way to break down the barriers. I am not joking. Within twenty-four hours that machine near the table will generate waves acting on unrecognised sense-organs that exist in us as atrophied or rudimentary vestiges. Those waves will open up to us many vistas unknown to man, and several unknown to anything we consider organic life. We shall see that at which dogs howl in the dark, and that at which cats prick up their ears after midnight. We shall see these things, and other things which no breathing creature has yet seen. We shall overleap time, space, and dimensions, and without bodily motion peer to the bottom of creation.”–HP Lovecraft

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