“The Tell-Tale Heart” By Edgar Allan Poe (Narrated By Jeffrey LeBlanc)

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We are a channel honoring the yellowed and blackened bones of many prominent authors. We will be digging up several obscure, strange, and forgotten authors who influenced many of the great horror, science fiction, and fantasy writer’s today.

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Children of Horror,

An accursed raven haunts a man with a devilish secret “Evermore”. The court jester of a tyrant king has the last burning laugh. And a maniac confesses a heartfelt tale of murder and madness, as the leaves turn crisp’d and sere on the corpse of Edgar Allan Poe.

Happy 212th birthday master of mystery, the macabre, and horror! Wherever your ghoulish soul may haunt, we implore you to haunt “Evermore!”

Tonight, for Edgar Allan Poe’s birthday, we present one of Poe’s most terrifying creations—The Tell-Tale Heart. This sadistic short story should really pull at your heart-strings…literally. Our tale focuses on a madman narrating his murder of a dear friend. Then the resurrection of his victim’s dead heart while our narrator is under questioning.

Can our narrator come to terms with the horrifying murder he committed? Or will all his sanity be drowned out by his dead victim’s beating heart?-JL

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