“A Thousand Deaths” By Jack London (Narrated By Jeffrey LeBlanc)

I had faced death and weighed my chances in many a desperate venture, but never in one of this nature. I can swear I am no coward, yet this proposition of journeying back and forth across the borderland of death put the yellow fear upon me.Jack London

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Children of Horror,

We dedicate tonight’s tale to horror fan Brian Fry! Brian, thank you for pointing us to the Postal 2: Paradise Lost Intro. The creative team did a great job on that project!

A sled dog watches his owner freeze to death in the Yukon. A scientist is sacrificed by head hunters to an alien. And, eerily in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, a society battles the Scarlet Plague, as we beat Death with Jack London. His first horrific, science fiction tale may bring back the dead!

Jack London was a journalist, novelist, and social activist. He was also an innovator in science fiction and horror with such tales as “The Scarlett Plague” and “The Red One”. London is one of the first American authors to become an international celebrity and earn a large fortune from writing.

“A Thousand Deaths” was written by Jack London in 1899. It’s his first published work. The story focuses on an unnamed narrator who has suffered through experiments by his mad scientist father to induce his own death. And, then to be resurrected. This is one of the earliest science fiction stories obviously influencing movies such as 1939’s “Torture Ship”, 1980’s “Altered States” and 1990’s “Flatliners”. And we’ll thankfully skip the 2017 Flatliners which should long stay buried…and forgotten.

Tonight, you are a prisoner onboard your mad scientist father’s vessel. Daddy has been conducting some killer experiments on you…literally. Will you find a way to escape his crazed experiments? Or will you continue to die a thousand deaths?–JL

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