You were the burning ones who scorched sky and frightened wraith.
Do you hail as the Light Bringer’s children who dared to challenge God’s faith?
Are you the fallen sons of Enoch before time and religion had begun?
Yet history hails you as descendants of the fallen Adam or Neptune’s chosen

“Down the infinite aeons come beating the wings of unmerciful gloom.”–H.P. Lovecraft

Follow me children of horror as we cross the ghoul guarded gateways, the
labyrinth of the lost, and the decrepit crypt into that cherished abyss that is
moonlight, swamp, and darkest night. Forever are we outsiders to this world and the coil that is man. And, for that relish in the strange, the grotesque, and the unnerving as we push ever farther, without a torch, flashlight, or candle into shadowed waterways, fog-foetid bayous, and amongst five-hundred-year-old moss covered oaks. These truly are our home.

Our name is LEGION horror fans for we are many. My LEGION, walk the
cobwebbed, cyclopean stairs with me. Climb the bat filled bell tower on the
expanse of endless night wind. And fly with me in mist through thousand year red cypress as we learn the mysteries of the seraph.
I promise, as we splash and lumber through the darkness, to protect you from the
ghastly ghouls within…well…maybe

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