“Wings of the Seraph” By Jeffrey LeBlanc

We have expanded distribution for and placed “Wings of the Seraph” into paperback and e-book now. You can order on Kindle, Amazon, and soon Kindle Audible!

“Down the infinite aeons come beating the wings of unmerciful gloom”–H.P. Lovecraft (Nemesis)

Follow me children of horror as we cross the ghoul guarded gateways, the labyrinth of the lost, and the decrepit crypt into that cherished abyss that is moonlight, swamp, and darkest night with rancher Cain McIntire and his band of brave cowboys to discover what is killing their cattle.

Forever we are outsiders to this world and the coil that is man. And, for that, relish in the strange, the grotesque, and the un-nerving as we push ever farther, without torch, flashlight, or candle into shadowed waterways, fog-foetid bayous, and amongst five-hundred-year-old moss covered oaks.

These truly are the castle domain of ancient, apocalyptic evil. What is the secret of the Seraphim and the Nephilim? Can Cain find a way to defeat them before it’s too late?

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