“Sad Man” By Jeffrey LeBlanc

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You are driving on a lonely stretch of winding road following a black bayou. You smell the remnant smoke of burnt sugar cane fields. You see the serene swamp paradise lit by the moon. Five-hunderd-year-old oaks shrouded in ghostly swaths of Spanish moss are guiding you home. Then you spot Sad Man the local crazed, decrepit man with haunting eyes. Sad Man casts a maddening glance at you. You watch as he wanders out into a smoldering, burnt cane field. He is muttering incoherently in the vast moonlit darkness. There can’t be anyone…or anything out there. Can there?

“Sad Man” was a short story first written by Jeffrey LeBlanc in August 2019. It’s the tragic story of Marcus Plaisance and the mystery surrounding his wife’s murder. Marcus’s wife, Mary Plaisance, will be featured in the scorching, upcoming novel “Mary Wept”. “Sad Man” was submitted to Dark Regions Black Labyrinth Contest 2019 and received an Honorable Mention. It will be part of the collection “Fire, Fins, & Other Things” set to be released January 2020.

“Sad Man” was heavily influenced by several unique authors. H.P. Lovecraft’s “Nemesis” was the Genesis of Sad Man’s creation while Lovecraft’s “The Call of Cthulhu” guided us to creating our horror’s from beyond dimensions. Further influences of the unnamable and unknowable evil beyond comprehension came from “The Black Seal” and “The Great God Pan” by Arthur Machen. Then there’s the foreboding menace of unknowable evil that inspired “Sad Man” by M.R. James’s puzzle within a puzzle horror story, “The Tractate Middoth”.

“Sad Man” focuses on Peanut Broussard’s recollections of his strange encounters with a legendary crazed local named Marcus Plaisance. Marcus has been released from a Louisiana insane asylum and is now back on the Atchafalaya. He is known by the community of Gibson as “Sad Man”.  Horrifying events begin to occur upon his return.

 What is the mystery of Sad Man? Can Peanut Broussard and his community discover what he’s hiding behind those haunted blue eyes?

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