The Dweller of the Dark is out of their tomb!!!

Welcome to Dweller of the Dark!

“Horrifying is it to know the monster we fear most sometimes, peers at us through our own reflection.”

— Jeffrey LeBlanc.

Dweller of the Dark is a web page and YouTube channel dedicated to the yellowed and blackened bones of strange, obscure, and forgotten masters of horror, fantasy, and science fiction.

A brief background of a writing master will be in the channel narration along with a classic story. The blog and premieres will keep fans updated.

Subscribe, comment, and like our pages. The 500th and 1000th subscriber gets a signed book by the author. Random prizes to be given to lucky loyal subscribers.

Authors hear our howl! We are always looking for new blood! We’d like to dig up the next Poe, Machen, Blackwood, or Bloch. Comment and contact us if you are interested in having your story reviewed and possibly placed on one of our channels or pages.

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